About Us

Welcome to Body By Design & Woman by Design

The Body By Design Personal Training Studio has been established since 2000 in Digla, Maadi and in 2009 we opened a 2ndbranch in Zamalek. The studios are small fully equipped gyms where clients can work out individually or with small groups of friends under the direction of Anna Louise or another fully qualified personal trainer without the distractions of a large regular public gym. Within an intimate relaxed friendly environment we offer a comprehensively equipped studio including a selection of cardiovascular equipment in a small separate workout room, and in the gym a complete range of resistance training machines, a selection of free weights and small apparatus to promote core strength and general flexibility.

Woman By Design is a personalized program to Design the Best Version of You! Get healthier, fitter, trimmer, more organised but relaxed.  Bring out the best in your personality, highlight your attributes, & improve your weaknesses. Join our fitness & exercise classes, yoga & meditation, group nutrition & lifestyle lectures, make demonstrations, fashion advice & more. Led by the specialists of their respective fields in Cairo!  Hosted at the Ace Club, Maadi. Non Members are Welcome.

There Is No Membership

Clients simply pay their the fee for their personal training session and then use of the cardiovascular machines is complimentary during our regular opening hours for as long as they have paid up personal training contracts or packages. Anna Louise and her international team of free lance personal trainers are properly qualified and experienced to tailor a routine to suit your needs, goals and personal schedule, whether you want to improve your fitness, lose weight, slim down, shape up or bulk up! Programs can be designed specifically for you whether you require sports specific regimes as an athlete or a weight loss program if you feel out of shape or a fitness program because you are recovering from various injuries.

Free Consultation

You will receive a free specific fitness consultation including a medical history evaluation, taking your weight and measurements, working out your body fat and then if you sign up we will create a workout program designed exclusively for you. You can work out exclusively at the Body By design studio, kick start your fitness program with a 8 or 12 session package and then take your routine to a gym of your choice or even use it at home or just visit weekly or monthly for a new routine that you them practice elsewhere. You will have a program designed for your requirements!

Boxing, KickBoxing, and Salsa Dancing

We also offer private Boxing, Kickboxing Classes, and Salsa Classes at both studios for individuals, couples or small groups by appointment only for those of you who want to learn a new skill or discipline at your own individual pace without the pressure or embarrassment of  a group class or are searching for new forms of cardiovascular exercise.

Nutrition Consultations

We also offer nutrition consultations as an optional part of the package.

(A nutrition consultation = one session but each workout can then include a free follow up if necessary) Rather than advise a particular diet we look at your eating habits, daily routine, likes, dislikes etc and see how your current diet can be adapted and improved so that you learn healthy new eating habits for life.

Currently we are offering home visits!

One of our team is usually available home visits (FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE ON TOP OF THE REGULAR PERSONAL TRAINING PACKAGE)  to work with you in the comfort of your own home, depending on the area of Cairo.Even if you don’t  have your own equipment,  we can bring what you will need to work  out !!Our team are certified to work with you whether you are looking for;- Weight loss, General conditioning and toning, Sports-specific training, Age specific Training, fitness and body shaping for pre and post natal, training for the total beginner, the athlete and the recovering injured!The more sessions you buy the bigger discount you receive on the total amount and we offer discounts if you work out with a training partner or small group. This is payable in $,(cash or cheques) or UK sterling or Egyptian pounds according to the exchange rate.